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About CardanoPoolParty

CardanoPoolParty was established by two Security Engineers in 2019.

With over 12+ years of Security and Enterprise Application support, the two Aussie founders, Matthijs and Tim, have worked tirelessly to create a secure, highly available and low tax Cardano Staking Pool.

This means you can worry less, while earning more rewards!

Join Matt and Tim in supporting the decentralisation of the Cardano ecosystem, by delegating your ADA to the CardanoPoolParty.

What are the four pillars of CardanoPoolParty?


Operating a Cardano stake pool is not all about profit. It's about Community, decentralisation and helping to secure the network. That is why we are committed to running a pool with low fees, that fairly balances our operating costs, with the rewards of the awesome individuals who delegate to us. We set our 'tax-fixed' value to zero, so if you don't earn ADA, neither do we! Our 'tax-ratio' is set to 2% so our delegators receive 98% of the reward.


With over a decade of experience supporting an Enterprise environment of 300k+ users, we understand the importance of service availability. Uptime is very important for a stake pool and downtime will ultimately impact your rewards. That's why we have employed our experience in building a secure architecture that we are comfortable supporting and know can stand up to the test of time.


Based in Perth, Western Australia, the CardanoPoolParty is fortunate to be located in one of the most politically stable and culturally diverse countries in the world. The Government of Australia has made efforts to create a supportive regulatory environment and our infrastructure enjoys high-speed internet access and reliable power. While the Ouroboros protocol incentivises decentralisation, it is important that you vote with your ADA and support an ecosystem free of centralised cartels.


You only live life once, and you never make it out alive. The Cardano Pool Party is for those who want to be a part of something big. Those who want to join in on the party. Those who understand the importance of decentralisation. Most importantly the Cardano Pool Party exists for everyone to have a good time. Big or small, anyone that delegates to the Party, joins the party!

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Staking Instructions and FAQ

We have set our 'tax-fixed' value to 0, so if you don't earn ADA, neither do we! Our 'tax-ratio' is set to 2% so our delegators receive 98% of the reward. Our primary goal is to cover our operating expenses and reward our users, so we have defined very attractive tax rates.

Your ADA is never at risk when delegating to the CardanoPoolParty. We will never ask for your mnemonic seed words or private key, you never have to send your ADA and we don't ask any of our users to provide any information about themselves.

Once the Incentivized Testnet goes live, Daedalus and Yoroi wallets will be updated to include a Delegation Centre. Delegating should be as easy as finding our ticker, PARTY, selecting delegate and confirming the selection. We will include a guide as more information becomes available.

Both Matthijs and Tim are avid cybersecurity and Cardano enthusiasts. In addition to our very attractive fee structure, the team is committed to helping decentralise the Cardano Community and are proud to participate in the Testnet. Join the Party and help to secure the Cardano network!